Illicit Cigarettes Linked With Corruption & Terrorism

Malaysia is currently the biggest consumer of illicit cigarettes. Almost 60 per cent of cigarettes distributed are illegal.

Malaysia’s initiative to curb smoking with implementing higher excise taxes on cigarettes has pushed smokers to buy illicit cigarettes. Thus, we have now function as the largest consumers of illicit cigarettes across the globe with 1,000 packs sold every minute.

illicit cigarette

Illicit Cigarette Trade Cost Malaysia Almost Rm4.8Billions in Excise Duties

A study by Oxford Economics on tobacco learned that the illicit cigarette trade cost Malaysia almost RM4.8 billion in excise duties this particular past year. Another study said Malaysia has become the largest consumer of illicit cigarettes around the world, you will discover over 12 billion sticks sold a year ago. Oxford Economics estimated that 58.9 per-cent coming from all cigarettes bought from Malaysia were illegal.

Losing RM4.8 billion isn’t any laughing matter and law enforcement agencies have been completely conducting raids to stem smuggling operations at border check points. The Customs Department confiscated contraband cigarettes worth RM1 billion given that the introduction of the year. illicit cigarette smuggling is clearly among the many world’s biggest and the majority profitable syndicates.

Bribery & Corrupt Has Caused All The Government Effort Less Effective

The police effort are barely generating a difference. An all-out war from the illicit tobacco trade is usually battle this challenge before it gets worse further. Oxford Economics said smuggling syndicates can dent Malaysia’s bring in global investors. It undermines the rule of laws and spreads corruption supplying enticements and bribes.

This condition is not unfounded, as a whopping 80 per cent of police officers and security personnel at Malaysian borders are reportedly corrupt. Everyday sale of contraband cigarettes generates huge profits which may be channeled into more smuggling as well as other different types of criminal activities.

Profitable Business To Black Market Organisation (Terrorist)

Profits through the illicit cigarette trade could also be financing terrorism. Malaysia’s Home Ministry and crime prevention groups are starting to draw in connections between terrorist organisations along with the booming illicit cigarette business. It happens to be regarded as these organisations are applying Malaysia as his or her base to make funds.

Bribing border officials undoubtedly are a small investment for any smugglers mainly because they get many more in return for. Criminal syndicates have grown to be so brazen that when bribery failed, they could head for other means including making threats contrary to the officials.

Weak Punishment Embolden The Trade Activity

Cigarette smuggliing will worsen as a consequence of poor border controls and occasional arrest rates, on account of corruption. Weak penalties for offenders also embolden them. Malaysia’s high tobacco taxes produce a huge disparity of costs with neighbouring countries, which makes smuggling lucrative. To curb this dilemma, corruption should be stopped along at the source, what are the syndicates.


Laws have to be brought in to impose stronger penalties and punishment on anyone involved in the illicit cigarette trade. Included in this are smugglers, distributors and in many cases retailers. An important fine and mandatory jail term will likely be a fitting and efficient deterrent against smuggling and selling illicit cigarettes.