5 Signs You’re Interviewing A Strong Candidate

Not every candidate that walks through your company door is going to be perfect, even when they’re qualified for the job. For example, they may not have the personality or the attitude that suits the company.

How do you tell a strong candidate besides their qualification and experience when you screen through resumes on Jobstreet?

They know their stuff

Candidates that do their research and homework on your company are potentially excellent hires. It shows that they’re eager to learn more about your products. If they’re also aware of your company culture, they may also be a better culture fit than others that don’t.

They show their enthusiasm

You can tell a person’s excitement not only by the way they talk but also by how they say it. When you see an enthusiastic candidate, it shows that they’re interested in the field, not just because they’re finding ways to pay bills.

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Clear communication

Recruitment can be time-consuming when candidates don’t reply fast enough for you to schedule phone calls, interviews and presentation. However, a strong candidate won’t have any problem responding to your emails quickly and clearly.

A smooth interview

There’s nothing more awkward than an interview that comes to a dead end. One of the signs of a smooth interview is if it feels more like a conversation rather than an interrogation. A candidate that is prepared is a sign that they’re interested in the company culture.

They’re not afraid to bring ideas to the table

A candidate that isn’t afraid to share their ideas is forward-thinking. If a candidate comes to an interview with concrete ideas it shows that they understand the work and want to contribute to your company.


Most hiring managers are aware of the red flags when recruiting, but there are also signs of a strong candidate that you should hire.

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