Better Ways to Write a Job Advertisement

Expanding your team would bring lots of benefits to your company. You’ll distribute workload better and contribute to the increased productivity of the company. Attracting the right candidate is crucial in getting the right person to get onboard. Through sites like Jobstreet, job-seekers will be looking through hundreds of job listings on top of your own. Here are several ways to make your job advertisement stand out! 

Make it clear!

Your job listing should have all the essential details that candidates are looking for. This could include position, job title, salary range, benefits and many more. You should also consider making it clear what you are looking for. Years of experience, relevant qualifications and skills needed should also be stated. This enables you to attract the right people and sift through better candidates.

Make it interesting!

Your job listing needs to be eye-catching to separate your ad from the rest! Consider using colours, graphics and exciting typography to alert a potential candidate. On top of that, certain industries like media or advertising would benefit from having a job listing that uses visuals instead of a traditional or corporate style ad. Another tip is also to use concise, single-sentence paragraphs and bullet points to convey your content

Make it search-friendly!

Chances are, your candidate’s first moves in finding a job is through search engines on their smartphones. When drafting your job advertisement, keep in mind that certain words get picked up by browsers and search engines better. Increase the searchability of your ad by using keywords relating to the job type, the position and the organisation. Be mindful not to overuse the keywords as that may appear unnatural and jarring. 

You’ll be on your way to writing a more attractive job advertisement with these easy steps! By making your listing more effective, you’ll sure to attract the appropriate candidate that is suitable for your team! Find out about how you could put up a job advertisement online here