5 Ways for Babies who Drink Formula Milk Get Fat & Healthy

What is the way to make a baby fat with baby formula milk, but still stay healthy? Is it all the formula milk the same or lactose free milk or soy based formula milk? This is because there is a study that says baby formula milk can cause obesity over infants as early as five months of age. There is also a study that shows the baby’s weight is too fast to rise when drinking formula milk.

Studies have also found infants that consume formula-enriched milk with protein, vitamins and other nutrients can increase body fat by 22% to 38% when they are five to eight years old. Which on the other hands also allows various illness such as heart disease and diabetes to attack the child.

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Usually formula milk becomes an option for babies when mothers cannot or have stopped giving breast milk in the baby. The benefits of infant formula do not need to be doubtful because the milk is processed according to baby’s nutritional requirements. These baby formula milk can also be selected according to the age of the child. However, here are 6 ways to make a fat baby with formula milk, but in a healthy way.

Choose the correct formula milk

How to make a fat baby with her first formula milk is to choose the most
appropriate formula milk since there are many types of formula milk in the market but not all can match with your baby. When we mistakenly choose a formula milk, it can cause the baby to have diarrheas because the nutrients contained are not suitable with the baby’s digestion. Hence, it is better if you ask for the doctor’s advice and view to choose the right milk for your baby.

Choose a formula that suits baby’s health

The formula milk to increase the baby’s weight should also be observed and considered with greater caution. Especially if your baby has an allergic or problematic digestive problem. Basically, formula milk contains extra nutrients such as special fats and this will help increase the baby’s weight.

For children to drink milk at the right time

Do not let babies be late to drink their milk or make them super hungry and cause nutrients to not be received perfectly by the body.

Notice if the baby is full

How to make a baby become fat and chubby with formula milk is also to make sure they are full after drinking the milk. It can also make them sleep more soundly without feeling hungry. Even the body can also absorb nutrients quickly and grow healthy.

Understand when a baby needs milk

Normally crying babies sometimes have several reasons such as unhealthy body, hungry or drowsy. Leaving the baby crying constantly will make it difficult to drinks milk and absorb the nutrients when the baby’s intestines work hard while crying.


So, these are the ways to make fat, chubby and healthy babies with formula milk. Examples of baby weight gain formula products are Pediasure Complete Milk and S26 Formula Milk that contains nutrient such as AA and DHA that the body needs for brain development, lutein contained which great for the eyes as well as Choline that important for the building of the child’s body.